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To fax me an order:

  1. Press button above to print a faxable order form.
  2. Fill out as much information as possible.
  3. Fax the order form to the toll free number provided. 949-453-0035
If you are like many of our clients you prefer to order your appraisals by fax. Faxing can have its drawbacks: The message may not come through or you might misplace our fax number, or not have an order form handy, and cover sheets just take more time.

With my faxable order form there’s a barcode that prints out on the order form. When you fax it, a special software application reads the barcode. A digital copy of the order form is routed right to a special directory in our system, specific to that order, and we’re notified it’s arrived (even if we’re out of the office!).

Better yet: The software reads the subject information and gets it ready for our form filling application, so we get a running start. If we do need to call for more information, we know immediately, without your fax sitting on the fax machine waiting for someone to pick it up and type it in.

Your might have ready-to-print appraisal requests already. No problem – use that instead! Just download a cover sheet from here. It has a similar barcode that will accomplish everything our own order form does. Print it out, make it the first page of your fax, and we’re in business! A cover page is not really necessary, but it may be helpful. If at any time you would like assistance, please contact us by email or phone (949) 453-0030. We will be happy to help in any way possible.

You don't need to visit our website every time you need to order an appraisal? Just print out our order forms or cover sheets in advance and keep them by the fax machine. Filling out our order form by hand works, too and is an additional way to make sure the job gets to us in a timely manner. A digital copy will still get delivered to our system and we can start the report right away.

DirectFax can save you time by making sure the fax gets to us and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. This is only one of the ways we at United National Appraisal Corporation strive to help you move through the appraisal process faster.